4G is coming, bringing ultra fast mobile internet, but at what cost to your TV viewing?

Once the auctions are finalised for the new 800 Mhz spectrum which has been cleared by the analogue switch off, 4G mobile ultra fast data services will be rolled out from a transmitter near you.


Now whilst this will be very popular with those who use their mobiles and handheld devices for streaming TV and videos (and can afford to pay for it), it may well have dire consequences for TV reception in homes and blocks of flats adjacent to transmitter masts, or where the 4G transmitter is in line between their aerial and the TV transmitter mast.


The government and a service company comprising the main bidders for licences have allocated £180m to a fund, the purpose of which is to abate any problems as they arise.  They estimate that approximately 2.5m homes may suffer from interference and the plan is to send them each a set back filter, however, their estiimate does not appear consider homes with multipoint amplified systems, where more than one TV could be affected.


Having recently been to a seminar with Europe wide aerial equipment manufacturer Televes and carrying out simulations, it is clear that in cases where the 4G signals are very strong, TV reception will be impossible without fairly major rethinks on type of aerial fitted and any amplification involved, set back filters alone will probably not be sufficient.


The problem we in the aerial industry have, is that despite carrying out simulations, we cannot accurately predict how severe the interference will be and also how we can future proof systems against potential interference in the mean time.


The TV aerial installer members of our forum and sister site Fix My Aerial will be geared up with the latest test equipment and filter products to solve the forthcoming problems and will be at the end of a phone ready to solve your reception problems.

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Tv wont store channels

Philips TV Wont save Channels After a Retune

Having Problems Saving the New Freeview Channels On Your Philips TV?

philips tv

Now that the Tyne Tees area has completed Digital Switchover we have had many engineers telling us that they have been having problems getting older Philips TVs to save the new channel listings after a retune. The Philips TVs will tune all the channels in ok but after you switch the TV off and back on again there are no channels saved in the menu!

The reasons for this fault are two fold:

Firstly the problem is caused by the new Freeview channels being broadcast in a newer 8K format, as opposed to the 2K format they used to be in. Before digital switchover some channels were broadcast in 2K and some were broadcast in the newer 8K format. After digital switchover all channels are now broadcast in just the 8K version. This is no problem for most TVs/freeview boxes as they are new enough to have the technology to accept both types and store then accordingly. Older freeview boxes, OnDigital boxes and some older Sony integrated CRT TVs dont have the 8K technology so have become redundant.
Secondly a fault lies in the firmware for some Philips TVs. The way the software works is by first scanning the 2K channels, saving them in memory then scanning the 8K channels and saving them in memory. By default for a brand new installation, if there are no 2K channels present, these are skipped and the 8K ones are scanned and saved – everything ok!

When you switch the TV on the software first looks in the 2K section of the memory for channels then in the 8K section of the memory for other channels. If there are no channels in the 2K section, this is ok it will go straight to the 8K section.

However the problem arises when the TV tuner has been exposed to 2K channels at some point in the past (i.e. pre digital switchover!). If the TV has been exposed to and saved 2K channels then it will have memory of this and will always default to checking the 2K section first before the 8K section. If there are no channels saved in the 2K section it cannot get past this point.

Simply doing a channel reset via the onscreen menu doesn’t clear this memory information out. What you need to do is simple..

On the Side/Top of the TV there will be a menu button.
While the TV is switched on:
Press and hold this menu button for 20-30 seconds
This should force the TV to do a full Factory reset – the screen will go blank and then come back on.
Re-tune your Philips TV
Save the channels
All channels should now be saved in the memory and after a turn off and on, all channels should still be there.

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